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Current Topics
Full Day Kindergarten - Update!
The Board of Education is exploring the option of Full Day Kindergarten for District 105 students.  To do this well, the district has created a committee comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators across all District 105 school communities to examine research around the benefits and challenges associated with full kindergarten programming.  At the November Board of Education meeting, the committee presented a statement sharing their position around bringing full day kindergarten to the district.  Both opportunities and challenges to bringing this program into the district are outlined.  Click HERE to read the committee's position statement.  The Board of Education will continue the discussion around full day kindergarten at the December Board of Education meeting.    

Fall Achievement Results - 2014-15
On Monday, October 27, 2014 a presentation was made to the Board of Education sharing the fall achievement results for the district.  Click HERE for more information.

Senate Bill 16
The State of Illinois has been looking at ways to change education funding, which has remained unchanged since 1997.  Senate Bill 16 (SB16) has come from that effort.  If enacted into law, SB16 will make sweeping changes in how the state funds education and those changes will have a significantly negative impact on School District 105.  Please click below to learn more about Senate Bill 16 and how to influence this legislation.

SB16 Letter-English
SB16 Letter-Spanish
Thanksgiving Break - No Classes - Nov. 26-28
In the United States, Thanksgiving is an annual legal holiday to express gratitude for the things one has at the end of the harvest season. Full reference HERE.

Image: "Freedom from Want", 1943. From the "Four Freedoms" series by Norman Rockwell (1894–1978)
Blue Ribbon Award
We are honored to announce that Seventh Avenue School and Spring Avenue School were among the twelve public schools in Illinois to be recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2014.  This award shows the commitment to excellence among the students, staff, parents, and community members at both schools.   

As the only school district in Illinois with two schools recognized for 2014, we are also very proud of how well this award reflects on the overall success of District 105 and the commitment to excellence in each of our five schools.  
NBC 5 News Report
On the evening of November 20th, NBC Channel 5 news aired a report about schools located in chemical storage zone areas.  Ideal School was selected at random and mentioned in the report as being in a chemical storage zone area.  This was not a report specific to Ideal School as all schools in the Chicago area, including the west suburban area, are in proximity to multiple chemical storage areas.   

That said, it is important to inform you that all District 105 schools perform regular drills with students to ensure quick, safe evacuation from our buildings should any emergency situation present itself.  Regularly, these drills are practiced in collaboration with our community first responders to ensure safety for all.  In the event of a chemical accident, District 105 would follow a larger evacuation plan in coordination with local, regional, state, and federal plans for safe evacuation.   As with any emergency, this plan would include regular communication to inform both parents and community of the situation. 

It is important to emphasize that this is a news story of which our community first responders are very aware.   This is not a report of imminent danger for our schools.

Anoche, las noticias del canal 5 de NBC, difundió un informe sobre las escuelas ubicadas en zonas de almacenamiento de sustancias químicas.  LA Escuela Ideal fue seleccionada al azar y mencionada en el informe como una de las escuelas que se encuentra en una zona de almacenamiento de sustancias químicas.  Este no fue un informe específico de la escuela Ideal ya que todas las escuelas en el área de Chicago, incluyendo el área suburbana del oeste, están en proximidad a múltiples áreas de almacenamiento de sustancias químicas.      

Dicho esto, es importante informarles que todas las escuelas del distrito 105 realizan ejercicios regulares con los estudiantes para asegurar la evacuación rápida y segura de nuestros edificios en caso de que se presentara cualquier situación de emergencia.  Estos ejercicios se practican regularmente, en colaboración con nuestros socorristas de la comunidad para garantizar la seguridad de todos.  En el caso de un accidente químico, el Distrito 105 seguiría un plan mayor de evacuación en coordinación con los planes locales, regionales, estatales y federales para evacuación segura.   Como con cualquier emergencia, este plan incluiría una comunicación regular para informar a los padres y a la comunidad de la situación.

Es muy importante destacar que esta es una historia de las noticias, y que los socorristas de nuestra comunidad son  muy conscientes de esto. Esto no es un informe de un peligro inminente para nuestras escuelas.
Vision and Hearing Screening
During the months of October through December, the SD 105 nurses will be conducting the annual State of Illinois mandated vision and hearing screenings. 
As in previous years, screening will be done for the following students:
First grade
Second grade
Third grade
Eighth grade
New transfer students this year
All special education students
Any parent/teacher requests (please notify nurse prior to screening date)

Please click HERE for more information.
Precautions To Keep Our Schools Healthy
In light of recent reports of health-related issues affecting areas throughout our country (Enterovirus D68, the Ebola virus, Norovirus, and the upcoming flu season), we wanted to share some information with you.  Please note, that we have seen no reason for concern within our district, but are taking steps to be prepared.  Click HERE for a letter from our District 105 Nurse regarding the efforts the district is taking.  
Respiratory Illness: Enterovirus
Respiratory Illness/Enterovirus information from our neighboring county health department can be found HERE.
Thank You Countryside Rotary!
District 105 would like to thank the Countryside Rotary for their continued support of literacy in our schools!  Over the past several years, the Countryside Rotary has donated dictionaries to all 3rd grade students across the district and this year the tradition continued.  We cannot express enough our appreciation of your support and commitment to the students of District 105!   
School District 105, which serves the south LaGrange, Hodgkins, and Countryside communities, will be hosting a preschool screening for children ages 3 -5 years old on Friday, January 9th, 2015 from 8:30 am-1:00 pm, at Ideal School in Countryside.

The screening takes about one hour and requires an appointment. Parents must schedule a time to be screened by calling 708-482-2760.

A team of professionals from the district will assess each child's development in the areas of large and fine motor skills, pre-academic readiness, speech/language, vision and hearing. The screening will help identify children who may qualify for one of the free district preschool programs, or those who would benefit from additional services prior to entering Kindergarten.

Children who are currently enrolled in a District Preschool program (ECE, Head Start, Early Learning or Preschool for All) do not need to be screened.

If you know of a child in the District 105 area who would benefit from these services, please share this information with their family.
Kane County Cougars - District 105 Foundation Benefit Game
Thanks to all who joined us at the Kane County Cougars baseball game to benefit the District 105 Foundation.  Below are some slides taken at the 2013 game.

Click HERE to learn more about the District 105 Foundation.

Comcast Internet Access for Your Student at $9.95 per Month

If your child receives a free or reduced lunch at school, you may qualify for a reduced price on basic internet access from Comcast at the low rate of $9.95 per month including free installation, free internet training and an optional low cost computer at $149.99 plus tax.

For more information on Comcast's offer, click HERE or call 1-855-846-8376.

See below for a Comcast video on the importance of internet access for your student.

Acceso al Internet por medio de Comcast por solo $ 9.95 al mes

Si su hijo recibe almuerzo gratis o precio reducido en la escuela, usted puede calificar para un precio reducido en el acceso básico de Internet de Comcast, por solo $ 9.95 por mes, incluyendo instalación gratis, entrenamiento del internet gratis y una computadora opcional  por solo $ 149.99 más impuestos.

Para obtener más información en español sobre la oferta de Comcast haga clic AQUÍ o llame al 1-855-765-6995.

Vea abajo para un video de Comcast sobre la importancia del acceso a Internet para sus estudiantes.

PowerSchool Parent Portal
Are you using the PowerSchool Parent Portal to monitor your student's progress?  Click HERE to see a short video on how parents in another district are using it.

Parents can view student attendance records, lunch balances and at Gurrie, student grades.

If you have not created a logon account, contact your student's school office to obtain the activation information.

Parents can also access the same information via a PowerSchool Parent Portal App optimized for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Click
HERE for more information.
District 105 Recognized by State of Illinois
Over the past six years, all five District 105 schools have been recognized as Honor Roll Schools by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). The awards recognize excellence in academics as measured by the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT).

Based on 2011-12 ISAT results,  Seventh Avenue Elementary School and Spring Avenue Elementary School received the Illinois "Academic Excellence Award". 

More information on the awards and the selection criteria can be found

Language Diversity
District 105 is a diverse community of families with 27 different languages spoken by our students: Albanian (4), Arabic (2), Bosnian (5), Chinese (3), Croatian (7), Czech (2), Danish (2), English, German (4), Greek (2), Gujarati (3), Italian (5), Japanese (1), Kannada (2), Korean (1), Lithuanian (3), Macedonian (8), Navajo (2), Pilipino/Tagalog (3), Polish (19), Romanian (1), Russian (1), Serbian (43), Slovak (1), Spanish (472), Ukrainian (1), and Vietnamese (3).

The official language used for the content of the District website is English. To help address our diversity, readers of our website can use the "Google Translate" tool below to translate the website content to many of the above languages. The tool generates a computerized translation. The translation should not be considered exact and in some cases may include incorrect language. While not a perfect translation, it should assist many non-English website readers.

Click on the TRANSLATE button at the upper left of the web page to initiate a translation.