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    Grade 4

    Instructor: Mrs. Wanta

    Fourth Grade is Sweet!


  • Genius Hour

    Goals of the project: To allow students an opportunity to discover and investigate one of their passions related to “Our Actions have Consequences.” (environment, social issues, health, building awareness about topics, etc…) To provide students an opportunity to develop skill sets that are valuable in any learning situation (research, experimentation, collaboration, creativity, problem …

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  • Science Test: Chapters 12 and 13

    Science test Thursday, March 23rd. Students will need to know the following: Thermal energy3 types of heat transfer (definition/description of each)Insulators and conductors of heat (definition and examples)Convection currentHow all 3 types of heat transfer work together on EarthStatic electricityHow an object becomes negatively chargedHow objects behave when they have the same or opposite …

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  • Human Body System Science Test

    Science test Friday, January 20th Students will need to know the following:
    How bones protect our bodyThe difference between voluntary and involuntary musclesOrgans located in the digestive systemThe sequence/process of digestionOrgans located in the nervous systemHow our body defends itself against germs (Immune system)

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  • Reading Unit 2

    Take a look at the Reading Choice Board for ELA unit 2 - text structures. Students are working independently on the choice board during ELA reading time when not with a teacher in a guided reading group. See link below and ask your child: what surprised them? changed, challenged, or confirmed their thinking as they read an informational text.

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  • Writers Workshop/Shared Reading

    Take a look at the writing your child is working on this week. We read 3 articles about wild horses and watched a short video. This week your child will write an essay explaining what they have learned. Look at the Writer's Workshop Unit 2 link below and ask your child about the notes we have taken so far.

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  • Exc-EYE-ting Project

    Students are learning about human body systems. For this unit students will need to complete a model of an eyeball. This student made project can be a 3D model, drawn model on a poster board, or any other creative outlet to present the anatomy of an eyeball. In addition to the model of the eyeball, students MUST include a description of HOW objects are able to be seen (in their own words). …

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  • Winter MAP schedule

    Tuesday, November 29 10:30am - MathWednesday, November 30 - 9:45 am - Reading

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  • Help needed! :)

    We will beginning our Human Body Systems unit in Science class when we return from Thanksgiving break. For this unit, we will need about 100 water bottles. If you could send in any water bottles that are washed out with the caps it would be most appreciated! We will be using these to make lung models and blood. I will also need some parent volunteers to cut the bottoms of several water bottles in …

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  • Animal Research Project

    In Science class, we have been learning about different types of animals and the adaptations that they have in order to survive in a given environment. Students have now started their own animal research project. After choosing an animal, students must describe in detail five external features(physical characteristics) and 2 internal features/behaviors and how they help the animal to survive. …

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  • NE States & Capitals Assessment

    Wednesday, November 16thStudents should use the pre assessment & parent letter, classroom websites, packet, etc... to help prepare for post assessment.
    Study a little every day! You can do it!

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  • How Close to 100? Game

    We played this game on Friday. How Close to 100? is game is played in partners. (It can also be played as an individual) Two children share a blank 100 grid. The first partner rolls two number dice. The numbers that come up are the numbers the child uses to make an array on the 100 grid. They can put the array anywhere on the grid, but the goal is to fill up the grid to get it as full as …

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  • Math Homework

    Together with the support of the advanced academics department, fourth grade is implementing a variety of homework to help support the daily lessons taught in class. These are to provide a challenge to students, have them "think outside the box," and keep a high level of interest.

    The schedule of homework is as follows:Monday - skill practice
    Tuesday - reflection page
    Wednesday - …

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  • Signposts

    We have reviewed and started to use what is known as "signposts" within our reading. Signposts help students figure out what is important in a text, or what to pay attention to and remember. Signposts help students find features of fiction stories, plot structure, theme and digs deeper into a story. Below is a link that outlines the 6 signposts your child has been learning. Feel free to use these …

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  • Reading Skills

    In the Files section below, you will find a quick guide to a few reading skills we have been reviewing in school. You may find them helpful when reading with your child at home or discussing their independent book. 1) Fix-up Strategies2) STP - Stop, Think, Paraphrase3) Re-tell

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  • KenKen Puzzle

    KenKen puzzles are great for learning and brain training - they're also a lot of fun! Below is a link with instructions on how to solve them.


    Have fun giving them a try!

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