• Selection Criteria for Library Media Materials

    The materials purchased for the school library collection should adhere to the following criteria: 

    ·         Accurate in terms of content
    Library learning center materials should present facts in an objective manner. Authority of the author, organization, and publisher/producer should be a consideration in selection. Materials should contain facts which are presented in a manner appropriate to the level of the students.

    ·         Acceptable in literary style and technical quality
    Literary quality, technical merit, physical arrangement, and aesthetic characteristics should be considered as integral components in the evaluation of all media formats.

    ·         Appropriate copyright date depending on the subject
    Library learning center materials should be assessed for currency of the information as it relates to the content and purpose of the item.

    ·         Appropriate in format to effectively teach the curriculum
    Library learning center materials should be available in variety of formats, e.g., print, nonprint, electronic, digital, and multimedia to meet the needs and learning styles of a diverse student population in the 21st century.

    ·         Appropriate for recommended levels
    Library learning center materials should be accessible to students of varied abilities, and meet informational and interest needs of all students.

    ·         Appropriate for students with special needs
    Library learning center materials should be provided to meet curricular needs and the individual needs, interests, andlearning styles of all students at all levels.

    ·         Cost effective in terms of use
    Library learning center materials should be evaluated for cost effectiveness in terms of accessibility, projected use, and durability.

    ·         Free of bias and stereotype
    Materials should reflect the basic humanity of all people and be free of stereotypes, caricatures, distorted dialect, sexual bias, and other offensive characteristics. Library materials concerning religious, social, and political content should inform rather than indoctrinate.

    ·         Pertinent to the curriculum and the objectives of the instructional program
    Library learning center materials should be selected on the basis of assessed curricular needs. Materials should reflect the identified learning outcomes of the instructional program.

    ·         Reflective of the pluralistic nature of a global society
    Library learning center materials should provide a global perspective and promote diversity as a positive attribute of our society. It is important to include materials by authors and illustrators of all cultures.

    ·         Representative of differing viewpoints on controversial subjects
    Students have the right to information on both sides of a controversial issue. By having access to a variety of resources students will have the knowledge base to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. The school library learning center provides free and equitable access to all information.

    ·         Supports students right to free choice and reading for entertainment
    Library learning center materials should support the mission of promoting life-long readers by providing interesting materials with a high degree of user appeal. LLC materials should stimulate student interest, foster and develop hobbies, and special interests, inspire learning, and develop literacy appreciation.

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