• The Role of the Library Media Specialist

    The library media specialists take leadership in communicating to the educational community the purpose and scope of the selection policy. The responsibility for coordinating the selection of library materials rests with the library media specialist who seeks faculty, student, and parent recommendations for purchase of learning center materials. Favorable reviews from professional review journals and authoritative selection references should be used when developing library learning center collections. Wherever possible, direct examination of materials is advisable to ensure that they meet selection criteria.

    School library media specialists are responsible for the review, evaluation, and selection of the library learning center collection. Library media specialists work cooperatively with administrators and faculty to provide resources which represent diverse points of view, stimulate growth in thinking skills, and promote the overall educational program. Library learning center collections are developed to meet both curricular and personal needs. To ensure that these needs are met, library media specialists apply selection criteria and use recommended selection tools. All purchases, including gifts, should meet the same selection standards. This selection policy reflects the philosophy and goals of the school system and supports the principles of intellectual freedom.

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