• Reconsideration of Materials

    Occasional objections to materials will be made despite the quality of the selection process; therefore, the procedure for handling reconsideration of challenged materials in response to questions concerning their appropriateness is listed below. This procedure establishes a framework for registering a complaint, the process for holding a hearing with appropriate action while defending the principles of freedom of information, the students’ right to access of materials, and the professional responsibility and integrity of the school faculty.

    The District will take the following actions when asked to reconsider materials in the library learning center collection. These action steps include:

    1. Asking the complainant to fill out a written complaint form, the Reconsideration Request Form.
    2. Forming a reconsideration committee that will examine the materials in question, following the Procedure for Handling Complaints and the Instructions to the District 105 Reconsideration Committee.
    3. Requesting that the committee report their findings to the complainant and the School Board, using the District 105 Reconsideration Committee Final Report Form as a guide.

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