• Maintaining and Reevaluating the Collection (Weeding)

    It is the goal of the library learning center faculty to maintain a collection of current, appropriate, and useful materials. With that goal in mind, the collection will be continually evaluated at the library media specialist’s discretion. Selection and de-selection are ongoing processes that should include the removal of materials no longer appropriate and the replacement of lost and worn materials that retain educational value.  Materials that are found to be in need of replacement or meet one or more of the following listed guidelines should be removed from the collection. Any removed materials will be either donated to organizations that accept used books or shall be recycled in an environmentally-conscious manner. Materials shall be replaced as per the conditions outlined in the selection policy of this document.

    The following guidelines will be used when determining which materials will be replaced or withdrawn:

    • Appearance

    o   Volumes that appear to be excessively worn: dirty pages, brittle pages, missing pages, tattered and out-dated covers, and other similar conditions

    • Content

    o   Dated information

    o   Inaccurate, unreliable information

    o   Poorly written

    o   Stereotypes are present

    • Material is no longer in demand; Duplicate and superfluous volumes

    o   No longer relate to the curriculum

    o   Older editions

    o   Out-of-date information

    o   Unneeded duplicate titles

    • Use and Circulation Status and Statistics

    o   Fiction book that has not been checked out in the last 5 years, excluding classics

    o   Nonfiction book that has not been checked out in the last 10 years

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