• Accelerated and Advanced Placement Process


    District 105 complies with the Illinois Accelerated Placement Act (Public Act 100-0421).  According to the Illinois State Board of Education, “This state law requires Illinois school districts to develop “a local policy to identify students eligible for acceleration through a fair and equitable decision-making process.”  More information from about the Accelerated Placement Act from the Illinois Association of Gifted Children, including the official legislation from the Illinois State Board of Education can be found here. 

    For some students, it is most appropriate to provide them with opportunities to learn at a level that is more commonly provided to older students. This policy describes the process that shall be used for evaluating students for possible accelerated placement and identifying students who should be granted early admission to kindergarten or first grade, accelerated in one or more individual subject areas, or promoted to a higher grade level than their same-age peers. 

    The acceleration to be considered for acceleration is open to students of all ages who demonstrate high ability and who may also benefit from an accelerated placement. Placement considerations shall be applied equitably and systematically to all students referred for acceleration regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gifted and talented status, twice/multiple exceptionality, English language proficiency, or socioeconomic background.




    Providing a student access to a  curriculum that is usually reserved for older students.  Examples:  early entrance to K or 1st grade, subject acceleration, whole grade acceleration.  Due to the pacing of instruction, most accelerated placeements will begin at the start of the school year.  


    Admission of a student who will not yet be five years old by September 1st of that school year.  Applications for early entrance in the fall must be submitted by April 15th of the previous school year. 


    Admission of a student who will not yet be six years old and who has not completed kindergarten. Applications for early entrance in the fall must be submitted by April 15th of the previous school year. 


    Assigning student to specific content that is at a higher level than the student’s grade in one or more subject areas.  


    Admission of a student to a grade level higher than typical for the student’s age to provide access to higher ability curriculum and opportunities.


    District 105 offers accelerated math services beginning in fifth grade and advanced literature beginning in seventh grade. These classes are offered to students whose academic needs exceed that which the core curriculum provides.   Qualification for such services is determined by examining multiple pieces of student data to make an accurate determination of service.  

    Although initial qualification begins in the fifth grade for accelerated math and seventh grade for advanced ELA, students can become eligible for  services at any time thereafter should their academic performance warrant a change in service. Please go to Accelerated Math and Advanced ELA links for more specific information about the identification process for those classes.