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    (Please read everything before proceeding)

    Documents Required to Complete Registration:

    *For all Gurrie Middle School Students Only: you will need to select a Bus Route and Bus Stop even if your student is going to be driven to school or is going to walk to school. This does not apply to students located in the Spring Avenue area. Click here to download a copy of the current bus schedule.

    1. Birth Certificate (required by 325 ILSC 50/5). When prompted to enter your students name, it must match what is on his or her Birth Certificate exactly.
    2. ISBE Student Transfer Form from previous school attended if transferring from within the state of Illinois .
    3. Transcripts and current schedule from previous school attended. (not necessary for Preschool or Kindergarten students).
    4. Medical Information.

    1. Physical examination/required immunizations: Due at time of registration. Out-of-State transfers need a new physical exam. Students cannot attend school without these.
    2. Dental exam: required for Kindergarteners, 2nd and 6th grades only. Can be done between November of last school year and May of the current school year.
    3. Vision exam: required for Kindergarteners or any child entering an Illinois school for the first time at any grade and due by October of the current school year (can be dated as early as one year prior to first day of school).

    Generally, Illinois law provides that the residence of a student is deemed to be the same as the residence of the person who has legal custody of the student and permits only students who are residents of the school district to enroll and attend on a tuition-free basis.  The person claiming custody must also reside in the District.

    The District may investigate the residency of any student before or after enrollment and require the involved persons to provide additional information to be considered by the District in determining residency. Enrollment is not completed, and attendance will usually not be permitted, until all residency issues are resolved. As initial proof of residency, the person with whom the student lives in the district and who claims custody of the student must provide at least one original document from Category I and Category II, and one document from Category III below.

     If the person enrolling the student claims the student is (1) homeless or (2) attending school in the student’s former district upon the determination of the Department of Children and Family Services, only the appropriate line in Category IV must be checked on the registration forms.

    -All documents being submitted must have the parent's/guardian’s name and current address listed on the document.
    -All parents/guardians must provide a valid photo ID with a CURRENT District 105 address.

    Category I (One Item)
    1. Illinois Driver's License

    2. Illinois State Identification Card
    3. Other

    Helpful Hints: 
    -Must be a current photo ID with a valid District 105 address.
    -Visit www.cyberdriveillinois.com to learn how to update your Driver's Livense or State ID Card.

    Category II (One Item)
    1. Mortgage Statement
    2. Real Estate Tax Bill
    3. Signed Lease
    4. Closing Statement
    5. Other

    A. Letter of residence from landlord in lieu of lease.
    B. Letter of Residence to be used when the persons seeking to enroll a student is living with a District resident. District resident must drop off letter at school along with a copy of one item from 1-4 listed under Category II above.
    C. Evidence of Non-Parent’s Custody, Control, and Responsibility of a Student. Non-Parent will need to prove residency.

    Helpful Hints:
    -All documents in Category II, must be current (within the last 30 days) and show a valid District 105 address with your name on it.
    -All leases must be original, signed and current, and include landlord contact information. 

    -The letters listed under "5 Other" can be obtained from the District website in English  or Spanish . Please print and fill out the letter, and the District Resident must bring it and provide documents to prove residency to the school office.  The School District will evaluate the evidence presented in order to confirm residency. 

    Category III (One Item)
    1. Utility (Gas/Electric) bill

    2. Home Telephone/Cell Phone, or Cable bill
    3. Home/Apartment Insurance Papers
    4. Paycheck Stub
    5. Public Assistance Document(s)
    6. Voter Registration Card
    7. Water Bill/Sewer Bill
    8. Other

    Helpful Hints:
    -All bills must be dated within the last 30 days.
    -The address on the bill, statement, etc, must match the address on the photo ID.

    Category IV (If Category I, II, and III do not apply)
    1. The student is homeless and eligible for enrollment under the Illinois Education for Homeless Children Act.

    2. The student’s enrollment is based on the determination of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).  Attach evidence of DCFS determination. 
    3. Residency will be established within 30 calendar days.  Upload a real estate contract, lease or closing statement.

    If any of the above in Category IV are applicable, mark the appropriate box on the registration form.

    This proof of residency process is to attest that your child is not enrolling in the District solely for education purposes and is living on a permanent basis with the person having complete custody and control.  Registration of a student who is not a resident of District 105 is a fraudulent act.  Any student found to have fraudulent registration will be subject to the payment of retroactive tuition charged to non-resident students, not to exceed 110% of the per capita cost.


    You have several methods to submit the necessary documents listed above.

    1. You can make photocopies and bring them to the school.
    2. You can scan each of the documents and save to a computer or USB flash drive. You can submit them from your computer or USB flash drive using the upload links as you register your student(s).