• Everyday Occupational Therapy Activities At Home
    Helpful hints for home.
    • work on a vertical surface such as: the side of the refrigerator, an easel, cabinet, etc., while painting, coloring, drawing etc.
    • do word finds, crossword puzzles or mazes (on a vertical or incline surface) 
    • help with baking, stir batter, pour liquids, have them mix with their hands
    • cut vegetables (for younger children pre-cook first)
    • work in the kitchen: cleaning fruits & vegtables /carrying in & putting away the groceries/ sweeping the floor/wash & dry dishes/ set the table/wipe the table
    • spin tops (spin outward, away from your body), play jacks, shuffle cards 
    • fill a laundry basket with clothing or books/papers, then pull or push it around the house or yard
    • take out the garbage/ move the garbage can
    • sweep the sidewalk, driveway, deck or stairs, rake leaves 
    • make play-doh, hide small objects in it, then pull them out (receipe for smelly playdoh at bottom of page)
    • wring out a towel, wash cloth or clothing, use a twisting motion (turn one hand towards them and one hand outward)
    • make paper airplanes (work on making hard defined folds) 
    • play board games like Sorry, Monopoly, Connect Four, Operation (use your thumb and index finger of your writing hand to move the pieces) 
    • tape a large sheet of paper to the underside of a table and have your child draw and color (while laying on their back)
    • use toothpicks and marshmallows to build with
    • play with shaving cream on a plastic tray, draw letters, hide objects
    • cut coffee stirrers or straws with scissors
    • have child place items in a zip lock bag and zip it close
    • paint with water on a dark surface, chalkboard, sidewalk, driveway
    Recipe for Smelly Play Dough

    • 2 Cups Flour
    • 4 Tablespoons Oil
    • 2 Packages Unsweetened Kool-Aid (choose different color/flavors for variety)
    • 1/2 Cup Salt
    • 2 Cups Boiling Water
    Have your child help measure, mix and knead this fun and smelly clay!

    Parent supervision REQUIRED!!!
    These are some examples of a few activities that you can try with your child.  Remember making an activity fun will allow your child to not only enjoy the activity but to improve their skills as well. 
    Watch for more suggestions!