• Grade 4

    Instructors: Ms. Eck, Mrs. Wanta, and Ms. Kubilius 

     Welcome to 4th Grade! 


  • How Close to 100?

    We played this game on Friday. How Close to 100? is game is played in partners. (It can also be played as an individual) Two children share a blank 100 grid. The first partner rolls two number dice. The numbers that come up are the numbers the child uses to make an array on the 100 grid. They can put the array anywhere on the grid, but the goal is to fill up the grid to get it as full as …

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  • Signposts

    Signposts -
    We have reviewed and started to use what is known as "signposts" within our reading. Signposts help students figure out what is important in a text, or what to pay attention to and remember. Signposts help students find features of fiction stories, plot structure, theme and digs deeper into a story. Below is a link that outlines the 6 signposts. Feel free to use these when your child …

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  • KenKen Puzzle

    KenKen puzzles are great for learning and brain training - they're also a lot of fun! Below is a link with instructions on how to solve them.


    Have fun giving them a try!

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  • 4 Math Apps and Games

    1) Wazzit Trouble - helps gain understanding of important math (adding & subtracting, factors & multiples) at the same time as develop number flexibility and problem solving strategies

    2) Mathbreakers - video game, similar to Minecraft, but with numbers. $$

    3) Number Rack - helps with number bonds and relationships conceptually

    4) Motion Math - helps students develop a visual understanding of …

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  • How to help your child in Math?



    Great links to math advice for parents. PDF's are in the Files section below.

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