• Welcome to ELA 2!

    Instructor: Ms. Smetana

    Best way to Contact me:
    The best way to contact me is via email vsmetana@d105.net. 

    Google Classroom
    All classroom assignments, assessments, and activities will be posted on and collected through Google Classroom, which is synced with each student's Google Drive. This tool allows students to create and submit paperless documents, communicate with their teachers and peers, and organize their classwork. Currently there is no parent access feature, but you may use your student's 

  • Course Description

    ELA 2 is offered to students who need extra support in Reading; particularly in the areas of comprehension and vocabulary. Admittance to this class is based upon teacher recommendations as well as test scores. Students take this class instead of a foreign language. This class size is small to guarantee intense individualized intervention. If a student enrolled in this class makes substantial progress they will be considered to move into foreign language at the semester or end of year.

    This class is comprised of research-based reading interventions as well as novel studies. The same common core English standards that are being addressed in the regular ELA class are targeted in ELA 2. In addition, connections are made across the curriculum to better improve vocabulary, comprehension, and reading strategies. The goal for the class is to have each student be ready and prepared for high school learning, college reading and career readiness.