• ELA Advanced 

    Instructor: Mr. Driscoll

    I am in my 13th year teaching and coaching cross country at Gurrie, my 8th year as Green Team sponsor, and 35th year of living. I live in La Grange Park with my wife Annie, dog Otis, and cat Lou. We welcomed our first child, Phoebe, to world this past December. She's really cute. When I'm not teaching ELA, coaching cross country, or maintaining our school garden, I'm cooking food (BBQ and soups are my favorites), traveling, and collecting baseball cards. I am also a co-founder of a non-profit, Planting Purpose, that is applying our outdoor garden learning at Gurrie to other school districts. Hip-hop, blues, and bluegrass are my music genres of choice and I prefer to read memoirs, biographies, and cookbooks. I believe in conservation, education, philanthropy, creativity, and being nice. As far as credentials, I attended Purdue University for undergraduate work and Concordia for my Master's in Curriculum & Instruction. I'm also an LT and Park Jr. High graduate. 

The Truth is out there.
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