• Growth MindSet 

    Instructors: Mrs. Halper, Mrs. Motto, Mrs. Kay, Mr. Walsen


    This is a broad class in teaching students a Growth Mindset, along with the tools to put it into practice.  The curriculum combines online, interactive animation with classroom-based activities to teach students how the brain changes with learning, and how they can use brain-based study strategies.  The skills taught in this class will help students better understand themselves as a learner and provide a mindset to empower them to pursue their interests, talents and dreams.

    Students will use the online Brainology Program to reinforce daily lessons.  More information can be found at www.mindsetworks.com


    1. Students will have a higher level of independence in middle school.  
    2. Students will gain the tools and strategies needed to be self-aware, active learners with the ability to successfully obtain, recall, and demonstrate knowledge using a Growth Mindset.
    3. Students will be high-school, college, and career ready.


    1. Introduction to Brainology
    2. Brain Basics
    3. Brain Behavior
    4. Brain Building
    5. Brain Boosters


    *If you have any questions please contact your child's specific teacher at:

    dhalper@d105.net                            dwalsen@d105.net

    amotto@d105.net                            tkay@d105.net