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School District 105, which serves the South La Grange, Hodgkins, and Countryside communities, will be hosting a preschool screening for children ages 3-5 years old on Wednesday, March13th from 8:30 AM-2:00 PM at the Hodgkins Elementary School in Hodgkins. The screening takes about one hour and requires an appointment. Parents must schedule a time to be screened by calling 708-482-2740 extension 1415.

A team of professionals from the district will assess each child's development in the areas of large and fine motor skills, pre-academic readiness, speech/language, vision and hearing. 

The screening will help identify children who may qualify for one of the free district preschool programs, or those who would benefit from additional services prior to entering Kindergarten. 

Children who are currently enrolled in a District Preschool Program (ECE or Preschool for All) do not need to be screened. 

If you know of a child in the District 105 area who would benefit from these services, please share this information with their family.