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Speak Up Lines

Over the past several years, District 105 has placed great emphasis on bullying and bully prevention.  Clear communication and training are critical for students, teachers, and parents to collectively address the serious issue of bullying.  Each of our five buildings have several tiers of support for students to address this need.  A recent addition to the district’s approach includes Speak Up Lines at every school building. 
The Speak Up Lines are an opportunity for students to report unsafe or disrespectful behavior in an anonymous manner. The district still strongly encourages students to talk to one of their teachers or a “go to person”,  but this will be another way each school can assure that students are provided a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.  Students can call or email their concerns to the phone number or email address below. Students do not need to leave their name, but simply state what they are concerned about. These lines will be checked by 8 a.m. daily when school is in session.  The calls will be addressed in a quick and confidential manner.

Speak Up Lines:
Gurrie: 708-482-2723
Hodgkins: 708-784-1592
Ideal: 708-784-1593
Seventh: 708-784-1594
Spring: 708-784-1595
Speak Up Emails: