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Former Gurrie Students Recognized as Illinois State Scholars

Congratulations to the following 19 former Gurrie students who have been recognized as Illinois State Scholars! The Scholar program recognizes high school students for outstanding academic achievement.


Students ranking in the top ten percent of the state’s high school graduating seniors have been named State Scholars. Selection is based performing in the top one-half of their high school class by the end of their junior year and/or scoring at or above the 95th percentile on the ACT or SAT. While the program does not provide a monetary award, qualified students are encouraged to list the honor on applications for college admissions and scholarships.


The following is a listing of LT's State Scholars, who are all seniors.


John Busker
Jordan Cole
Abigail Fox
Angelina Godinez
Jack Henningfield
Margaret Khan
Sandra Khan
Ava Leahy
Sam McGahay
Steven O’Donohue
Olivia Pierpaoli
Ryan Pierpaoli
Mary Prystalski
Alessia Sarussi
Joe Springer
Charles Strnad
Elizabeth Tabisz
Andrea Udziela
Luke Westrick