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SPAM, How Can I Help Stop It?

Many staff members have indicated they are receiving an increasing amount of SPAM (junk e-mail) in their inboxes. The district uses a SPAM filter to help remove SPAM before it gets to your inbox, but unfortunately it isn't a perfect solution. SPAMMERs are constantly changing their tactics trying to make their mail look legitimate and sometimes SPAM slips by the filter. Our District SPAM filter blocks on average 33,573 SPAM messages a day, this is 94% of the total email coming in the district daily. Only about 6% of the email directed to us daily is legitimate. Since no filter is perfect you may be wondering what you can do to help stop SPAM from getting to your inbox. Here are few things you can do to help reduce SPAM:

1. Never, ever reply to a spam message. This includes clicking the often-misunderstood "unsubscribe" link, which actually informs your spammer that you exist. If you can tell from the subject line that a message is spam, don't open it just delete it.

2. Don’t click any links in a spam email. Spammers often have multiple pages on their sites. Often, when you click a link to a URL in a spam message, this tells the spammer that you received the message he or she sent which will open you up to more SPAM.

3. Don’t forward an email from someone you don’t know to a list of people. You know those "forward this email to 20 of your friends" messages? They are perfect for spammers to get email addresses, even if the sender of the original email did not have that intent.

4. Don’t use your work email address. Registering on a Web site or for a group can be an easy way for SPAMMERs to get your address. If there are legitimate work related reasons you must sign up for services, need to receive more info etc. either verify the company will not sell your address or use a free email address from a site like Yahoo or Hotmail to create an address especially for that purpose.

5. Before you join a list, make sure the list owner or Web master will not sell your address. Check to see if you can opt out of receiving unsolicited email from the site where you're registering. If you are unsure about this, read the site's privacy statement, many times at the bottom of the page there is a check-box that you can mark or unmark to opt out.

6. Preview your messages before you open them. Outlook provides you with a preview mode that allows you to peek at the contents of a message before you actually open it. Instead of double clicking a message, click it once to select it and you'll see the message displayed in the Preview Pane. If it is Junk right click on the message and select "Junk E-mail" from the menu and then " Add Sender to Blocked Senders List".

Hopefully these tips will help you reduce the number of SPAM we receive, if you are seeing a large quantity of SPAM please open a "Help Desk" ticket and the Technology Department will tweak our filters for those items that have sneaked through the filter.