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Illinois State Report Card

Dear D105 Parents/Guardians,

The FY2023 Illinois School Report Card was recently released. Included in each school’s report card is a Summative Designation Rating. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) uses the following designation ratings (in order from highest to lowest).

  • Exemplary

  • Commendable

  • Targeted

  • Comprehensive and Intensive


Below are the ISBE Summative Designation ratings for each school:

  • Gurrie Middle School-Commendable

  • Hodgkins Elementary School-Commendable

  • Ideal Elementary School-Commendable

  • Seventh Avenue Elementary School-Exemplary

  • Spring Avenue Elementary School-Exemplary


For information on how each rating is determined as well as a description of each rating, please see the attached links. 


As part of the formula to receive a rating of Exemplary, a school must have an overall performance in the top 10% of all Illinois Schools. We are grateful and proud of all our staff and students for working so diligently throughout the 2022-2023 school year. That hard work has definitely continued into this school year.


Part of this rating is determined by our performance on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR). This assessment is taken by Illinois students in grades 3-8. IAR performance data is one of multiple indicators used to monitor our district’s progress in our Strategic Plan goal #1, All students will demonstrate continuous academic growth to ensure college, career and life successes. As a district, we saw several positive indicators of accelerated growth. The most significant increase in growth and performance was in English Language Arts. To view the District and school reports card, please visit:


In order to monitor our Strategic Plan goal #1, All students will demonstrate continuous academic growth to ensure college, career and life successes, D105 not only closely examines IAR results, additional data is examined including MAP assessment results, ongoing classroom assessments, and teacher/student feedback to drive instructional decisions and inform where programming updates are needed. In the last two years, data has driven key programming decisions including the following:

  1. Deep implementation of SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) strategies to ensure learning is accessible to all students no matter their background or learning level.

  2. D105 has also deepened its commitment to the social-emotional initiatives of Responsive Classroom and PBIS.  Responsive Classroom and PBIS are student-centered, social emotional learning approaches designed to create engaging classrooms in which students have a sense of belonging and safety to take learning risks and grow. 

  3.  ELA programming enhancements including Kdg-8th grade Lucy Calkins Writing and a deeper emphasis on critical foundational reading skills at Kdg-3rd grade via the FUNdations program

  4. D105 has strengthened social studies/non-fiction reading resources through updated TCI Social Studies Alive.  


While we have much to celebrate with our ratings, overall results, and improved programming, there are certainly opportunities for improvement in the system. Though our MAP and IAR results have improved in math and are more consistent with pre-pandemic results, math performance is an area of focus. This year, the district has established a team to focus exclusively on math instruction, strategies, and resources.  The team is examining our district math strengths and weaknesses and determining best next steps to further enhance math instruction across the district.  


We understand that IAR is one of several data points used to measure the growth and achievement of our students. As we consistently strive for continuous improvement, we remain committed to implementing instructional and assessment best practices designed to enhance growth across all areas for all students. 




Brian J. Ganan                    Kathryn Heeke

Superintendent                   Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Accountability Indicators

Annual Summative Designations