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Life Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program

What is the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program?

Recognizing the importance of having access to a phone and concerned that low-income households may not be able to afford the full cost of phone service on their own, the federal government created the Lifeline Assistance program in 1985. Consumers who qualify based on federal eligibility criteria can obtain free phone service from Life Wireless in states where Life Wireless provides service through the Lifeline Assistance program.

Qualifying individuals are eligible to receive one Lifeline discount per household. Life Wireless provides free phone service, a free data allowance and free mobile smart phones with qualifying enrollment. Additionally, eligible users can apply for service through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and, if approved, get free unlimited data in addition to the Lifeline benefits. Life Wireless provides access to reliable 5G (where available) 4G LTE coverage nationwide.

Several states have state-run Lifeline programs which may include additional methods to qualify and additional state support. You can learn more about individual states here:

Only eligible consumers may enroll. Eligibility is based on income or participation in certain government benefit programs and is determined by the National Verifier and proof of eligibility may be required. The Lifeline benefit is non-transferable and is limited to one monthly service discount on either wireless or wireline service. For Lifeline eligibility criteria and applicable terms and conditions, visit or call us at 1-888-543-3620. Life Wireless is a service of Telrite Corporation.

Lifeline applicants may apply for Lifeline directly through the Life Wireless site