Gurrie Graduation Celebration Links

Gurrie Graduation Ceremony

Click the link HERE for information regarding the 8th grade graduation in May. There is new information here along with an 8th grade calendar for May.

8th Grade Celebration

Our PTO is working to plan an 8th grade celebration at the end of the year. More information to come soon. Due to COVID protocols we will not be able to hold the dance or travel to Great America.

Gurrie Graduation Program/Flipbook

Click HERE

PDF Copy of program and Flipbook

Gurrie and D105 Congratulate the Graduates

Click HERE

8th Grade Shout Out Video

Click HERE 

Traditional Gurrie Graduation Ceremony Program - PDF

 PDF copy of Gurrie Graduation Ceremony Program


This year, our PTO has made the decision to purchase a yearbook for all of our GMS students. This gesture will ensure that all our students, who have persevered throughout such a difficult year, will be able to have and enjoy the yearbook for 2020-2021. Thank you to our awesome PTO! They are the best!

If you have already purchased a yearbook and would like your payment to be donated to PTO to help cover the costs of the yearbook you can do so. If you would like the amount to be refunded, please email our office and we will send you the refund.  Email with your refund request.