• Hodgkins Elementary School Dashboard

    District 105 is a member of the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC).  CEC is a network of school districts and professional organizations that helps districts and schools improve student achievement.   In 2009, District 105 participated in a CEC assessment process that included an external review by a team of administrators and teachers from some of the highest performing districts in the Chicago area. The team observed practices and interviewed well over one hundred parents, staff, students, Board members, and administrators. 
    The feedback report from the CEC team cited many district and school strengths. The report also identified areas for improvement. One of these areas was the need to provide information to our stakeholders in a more concise and easy to understand format. Our schools and district have been collecting, analyzing, and reporting student performance data for several years, but the CEC team reported that many of our stakeholders did not understand how all of our data pieces fit together. CEC helped us start to develop School and District Dashboards to simplify the reporting of our goals, measures, and progress.
    The District Dashboard contains our district goals, historical data, targets, and a status indicator (red, yellow, green). Our Dashboard will continue to develop as we add and refine our measures.
    The Dashboard is updated on the website and presented to the School Board on a quarterly basis to provide straightforward information about the progress the district is making toward its goals. Our most critical problem solving areas are marked by red status - areas in which the district is not progressing adequately toward our targets.  
    The school dashboards are consistent with the District format, but the content reflects progress and priorities that are unique to each school. School Dashboards are also updated quarterly based on school specific data.

    The Hodgkins Elementary School Dashboard is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will be updated shortly.