Knowledge Under Construction, District 105, Summer CONNECT, 2024
  • Dear Families,

    The research focused on academic skill regression states that over the summer months, students can lose anywhere from one to three months of learning. District 105 has completed a comprehensive study examining multiple years of student data. Consistent with national studies on summer regression, we determined that our students regress over the summer as well. This regression is seen across all of our District 105 schools, and all socio-economic levels are impacted.

    To address this learning loss, District 105 created the CONNECT Program. Our programming has evolved over the years, with any changes always based on student performance data and how to best serve our students and families over the summer months. Survey results over the last few years have highlighted that District 105 summer programming has been well received by families and is highly valued by the parent community. 

    In the midst of the construction at four of our five District buildings, there are still many learning experiences for families. For more information on this summer programming, including Library on the Lawn at Ideal and Spring Ave in July, Game Night on July 11, Summer Family Book Club on July 23, Open Library at Seventh Ave, Storywalks, and more! View more information below.

    In addition to in-person learning experiences, this summer, your child has access to online learning resources through the District 105 Clever portal. The District 105-assigned username and password are used to log in to Clever. Research shows that students who continue to work on reading and math during the summer months are more likely to maintain their learning and be ready for the next school year.

    To access the Clever portal, go to the District 105 website,, navigate to the ‘Students’ menu at the top, and select Clever & ClassLink Student Portals.

Summer Family Book Club
Family Game Night
Library on the Lawn
Seventh Ave Open Library
Storytime Online
IXL Summer Practice


  • Marek, Joanna