• La Grange School District 105 ELearning Plan

    Superintendent or designee shall: (1) learn and understand the roles that the federal, State, and local government would play in an epidemic; (2) form a pandemic planning team consisting of appropriate District personnel and community members to identify priorities and oversee the development and implementation of a comprehensive pandemic influenza school action plan; and (3) build awareness of the final plan among staff, students, and community. Any decision for an emergency school closing will be made by the Superintendent in consultation with and, if necessary, at the direction of the District's local health department, emergency management agencies, and the Regional Office of Education 

    LaGrange School District 105 may use E-Learning programming as remote learning for emergency school closings, per Board Policy. 

    1. Ensure and verify at least 5 clock hours of instruction or school work, as required under Section 10-19 .05, for each student participating in an e-learning day. 

    During E-Learning days, students will be provided work from their grade level teachers including multiple subject areas that equate to no less than 5 hours of participation.  The work will be assigned to the students on the emergency day and will be due to be submitted back to the teacher or staff member on the due date/time assigned by the teacher. District 105’s clock hours are based on attendance data that teachers collect through Power School. Power School has a timestamp and collects the student’s name to verify the accuracy of the attendance data. Students check in with a homeroom/advisory teacher in first period. The school day officially begins at 9:00 AM on emergency closure/remote learning days. 

    LaGrange School District 105 will post all necessary instructional materials, assignments, and resources on Seesaw and/or Google Classroom for students by 9:00am on the morning of the E-Learning day. Instructional materials will support the curriculum.   

    2. Ensure access from home or other appropriate remote facility for all students participating, including computers, the Internet, and other forms of electronic communication that must be utilized in the proposed program. 

    Gurrie Middle School students have Chromebooks that they take home and have assignments to complete in Google classroom on a regular basis, so it is understood that all GMS students have access to the internet and Google classroom. All GMS students will be assigned work on Google Classroom.

    Elementary students have access to take-home technology, and it is understood that all households have access to the internet either on a computer or cell phone. Teachers will provide students/families with digital learning plans for the day, including key zoom links needed for learning during the day.  Teachers will also use Seesaw and/or Google Classroom to post the day's assignments. The students can complete the work either electronically or on paper to turn in to the teacher. 

    LaGrange School District provides information to students and parents about low-cost Internet programs that are available from Comcast and AT&T. This information is available in English and Spanish on our website, in our school offices, and technology help desks and is promoted during special activities when parents are in schools. Additionally, LaGrange provides hotspots for students who do not have any Internet access at home. 

    3. Ensure that non-electronic materials are made available for students participating in the program who do not have access to the required technology or to participating teachers or students who are prevented from accessing the required technology.

    In these specific circumstances, to the best of the District's ability, the student would be provided with paper materials before the E-Learning day. Since all students have access to take-home technology, and we have provided many ways for families to have Internet access, this is not likely to be an issue. 

    4. Ensure appropriate learning opportunities for students with special needs

    Students with special needs will have assignments modified or provided based on their IEP goals from their special education teacher or related service provider. 

    5. Monitor and verify each student's electronic participation

    LaGrange School District 105 will use several district-level reporting tools to monitor E-Learning day participation. In addition to the attendance records described in Section One of this document, we will use features in G Suite including Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, etc.  We will also use the features available through Google Classroom and Seesaw to monitor assignment participation and completion.  

    6. Address the extent to which student participation is within the student's control as to the time, pace, and means of learning.

    Students will have flexibility in the timing of their E-Learning Day activities.  Students must check in for attendance at the beginning of first period.  First period begins on all E-Learning Days at 9:00am. If students are not able to do this, they will be marked absent for the day. 

    Each student will connect with teachers and learning experiences via synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) methods.  Teachers will provide all necessary zoom links for live learning sessions.  Teachers will post all learning experiences/assignments on Seesaw and Google Classroom to support asynchronous learning work. Over the course of the full school day, students will have a variety of both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences.  All class expectations and instructional materials will be posted by their teachers by 9:00am.   Teachers are encouraged to provide enough time to complete E-Learning day work, especially since students may be dealing with emergency situations in their own homes. Teachers will be available during normal school hours if students need to reach out to them for assistance or support.  

    7. Provide effective notice to students and their parents or guardians of the use of particular days for e-learning 

    E-Learning Day communication will follow the standard communication protocols that LaGrange D105 uses for emergency day notifications.  These include Parentsquare, social media (Facebook, Instagram, X (previously known as Twitter), the LaGrange D105 website, automated phone calls, and traditional media

    8. Provide staff and students with adequate training for e-learning day participation

    We have been using G Suite for Education for many years.  LaGrange D105 also uses Seesaw and Google Classroom district-wide, and has provided training to staff on this learning management system. All new licensed staff members are provided training on how to use the Chromebook iPad, G Suite for Education.

    LaGrange offers a robust professional development program during the school year and many of these offerings focus on how to use technology effectively in the classroom. If staff members have technical issues on the E-Learning Day, or at any time, they can contact the D105 Technology Help Desk for assistance.

    LaGrange has provided smaller learning academies/training sessions as well as a robust PD video library around multiple E-Learning topics, including: Using Google Classroom, using Seesaw, Use of Newsela, use of RAZ+, strategies for creating Asynchronous Learning Activities, Using Video Conferencing and Screencasting, etc. 

    9. Ensure that all teachers and staff who may be involved in the provision of e-learning have access to any and all hardware and software that may be required for the program

    Every teacher is provided with a LaGrange D105 Dell PC with access to hundreds of educational apps. 

    Every staff member has a G Suite for Education account with access to core productivity tools. Every staff member has a Google Classroom account and Seesaw account.

    10. Ensure an opportunity for any collective bargaining negotiations with representatives of the school district's employees that would be legally required, and including all classifications of school district employees who are represented by collective bargaining agreements and who would be affected in the event of an e-learning day.

    The LaGrange D105 E-Learning Program was developed in collaboration with union leadership and administration.  

    11. Review and revise the program as implemented to address difficulties confronted

    The LaGrange E-Learning Program will be reviewed by a committee comprised of Staff, Administration, and Union representation. 

    12. Ensure that the protocol regarding general expectations and responsibilities of the program is communicated to teachers, staff, and students prior to utilizing an e-learning day. 

    The E-Learning plan is posted on the D105 website. If we need to utilize the plan, information will be sent home to parents via ParentSquare and social media.