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    Technology Services

    The mission of Technology Services is to collaborate with faculty, administrators, students, staff, parents and the community in order to develop, implement and support effective, innovative and fiscally responsible technology solutions, which enhance and enrich the educational opportunities and experiences for all students of LaGrange District 105.


    Our staff includes a desktop support technician, a chromebook technician, a database administrator and a network administrator who manage and operate a comprehensive communication network and approximately 1500 devices used by students and District employees.

    Requests for assistance and reports of problems, concerns and issues should be directed to the Technology Services Help Desk.  

    Trish Vanderley Murphy
    Director of Technology



    Technology Department Contacts:

    Trish Murphy - Director of Technology
    Email: tmurphy@d105.net

    Martin Almeida - IT Software Security Specialist
    Email: malmeida@d105.net

    Bill McAninch - Technology Assistant (Part-Time)
    Email: wmcaninch@d105.net

    Jim McMahon - Database and Systems Administrator
    Email: jamcmahon@d105.net

    Israel Diaz - Technology Support Technician
    Email: idiaz@d105.net


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