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    Health Services

    Here you can find:

    • Contact information for the District 105 nurses
    • Links to health websites
    • Health related forms

Health Services Announcements and information

  • Students With Asthma

    District 105 requests that all families of students with asthma submit an asthma action plan that has been completed by their health care provider to their building's nursing office. If the student will need asthma medication at school, this action plan along with the district medication form should be completed by the parent and health care provider and submitted. (See below Required School …

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  • Links to Hands Only CPR, First Aid, and AED Resources

    We encourage parents and school staff to view the video below from the Illinois High School Association about hands-only CPR.

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  • School District 105 Health and Safety Information

    Administering Medication to StudentsStudents should not take any medication during school hours or during school activities unless their licensed health care provider and parent/guardian believe it is necessary. Any medications dispensed during school hours or school activities must adhere to the District's policy and procedures on dispensing medication.. A

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  • Helpful Food Allergy Resource

    Here is a great resource from the FARE (Food Allergy Resource and Education) organization for those newly diagnosed with food allergies or those looking to refresh their knowledge:

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  • Meet the Nurses of School District 105!

    SD 105 employs a certified school nurse, Shelby Raney MPH, RN, PEL-CSN, NCSN. The certified school nurse, under the school code of Illinois, works closely with all staff, utilizing the school health program to contribute significantly to the attainment of optimum health and safety in a school setting. SD 105 also employs Registered Nurses (Sarah Juarez, Deborah Miller, Sharon O'Shea-Siegert). The nurses …

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State of Illinois Health Requirements

    2019-2020 Kindergarten Parents
    The following examinations are required for kindergarten:
    1. Current Physical Examination (within 1 yr of first day of school) with complete immunization records. *This is required for the first day of school.
    2. Dental Examination Performed by a licensed dentist and recorded on the State form by 5/15/20.
    3. Vision Examination- required by 10/15/19.

    2019-2020 Second Grade Parents
    1. A dental examination is required for all students and due by 5/15/20.

    2019-2020 Sixth Grade Parents
    *The following examinations are required for entrance into sixth grade:
    1. Current Physical Examination (within 1 yr of first day of school) with complete immunization records. *This is required for first day of school.
    2. Dental Examination due by 5/15/20
    3. Additional Immunizations: Tdap, 2 doses varicella (chickenpox), 1 dose meningcoccal vaccine on or after the 11th birthday.

    2019-2020 Transfer Students
    The following examinations are required for entrance into school:
    1. Physical Examination with complete immunization records.
    2. Dental Examination (required for K, 2nd and 6th)
    3. Vision Examination - Required for any student entering an Illinois school for the first time at any grade.

    Exam forms are available in the health office at school or are available to download on the health service page of District 105 Website In addition, if you need assistance finding providers, please contact your school's Health Office for assistance from the nurse.

REQUIRED School Forms and Community Resource Information

Registered Nurse Contacts


    Decker, Jessica RN (Ideal & Gurrie/Spring Ave)

    Email: jdecker@d105.net

    Google Voice: (708)971-0928


    Miller, Deborah BSN, RN (Gurrie/Spring Ave.)

    Email: dmiller@d105.net

    Google Voice: (708)497-9634

    Raney , Shelby MPH, RN, PEL-CSN, NCSN (District)

    Google Voice: (708)517-0461-calls/texts or District Cell: (708)675-9227
    Email: sraney@d105.net

    Rolfe, Tianna BSN, RN (Seventh Ave & Gurrie/Spring Ave)

    Email: trolfe@d105.net 

    Google Voice: (708)688-9401

    O'Shea-Sigert, Sharon BSN, RN (Hodgkins & Seventh Ave.)

    Email: ssiegert@d105.net