As mandated by ISBE, for the 2018-19 school year ALL employees are REQUIRED to take a series of online tutorials.

    Required tutorials for ALL SD 105 employees (172 minutes or 2.86 hours)

    • Bloodborne Pathogens  (20 minutes)
    • Allergy Management/Food Allergies (21 minutes)
    • Sexual Harrassment  (22 minutes)
    • Discrimination (18 minutes)
    • Chronic Health Conditions (18 minutes)
    • Bullying Prevention (27 minutes)
    • ADHD (26 minutes)
    • Expecting Parenting Youth Domestic and Sexual Violence (20 minutes)

      SPRING & GURRIE Staff  (In addition to the above tutorials) :

    • Diabetes Awareness Level 1 (20 minutes)

     LUNCHROOM STAFF (In addition to the above tutorials):

    • Civil Service Tutorial (29 minutes)Lunchroom staff employees need to view this tutorial. (does not apply to teachers/paraprofessionals working lunchroom duty). 


    Click HERE for instructions on how to set up your account and take the tutorials.

    Click HERE to access the tutorials.

    Please note that the deadline to complete all mandated tutorials is December 1.