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    Link to Mandated Trainings Template (GCN tutorial tracking tool)



    Mandated Training Update 2023-24


    In an effort to streamline IL Mandated Trainings (aka GCN tutorials), each individual staff member has the option to track their own progress for tutorials that are not required on an annual basis. A "Mandated Training Template" will be sent to every staff member that lists the required tutorials for each job title and the required frequency. The tabs for each job title are listed along the bottom of the spreadsheet. Please be sure to only complete the sheet for your specific job title. PE teachers and Coaches will complete the list that corresponds to their job title as well as the "Additional PE" or "Additional Coach" lists. 

     All staff will see a comprehensive list of trainings in their GCN account. The "Mandated Training" tracking form allows staff to see which trainings are required for their role, and the frequency of the required trainings. If you choose not to track trainings on this form, you can opt to complete every training required under your job title on an annual basis.

    New Tutorial Procedure

    1. Open "Mandated Trainings Template" google sheet from your email
      1. Click on the tab at the bottom of the sheet that corresponds to your job title/category. This will provide you with a list of your required tutorials, the frequency they must be completed, and a place for you to record when you last completed each tutorial. 
      2.  You can EITHER keep a paper record or an electronic record of the tutorials. To keep a paper record, print out your job specific sheet and fill in the "Date of Last Completion" column. To keep a google sheet record, right click on your job title tab and "copy to" a new spreadsheet. Then name your new spreadsheet with your first and last name.
    1. Log in to your GCN account, Click the green "Print Your Certificate" at the top right-hand corner your Dashboard. Record your most recent completion dates for any tutorials on your Mandated Trainings google sheet or paper copy.
    2. Return to the GCN dashboard. All tutorials are now classified as "Available Tutorials." Select and complete the tutorials listed on your "Mandated Trainings" sheet. Record the completed dates on your Mandated Trainings sheet.


    Below is an example of my mandated training requirements. Based on the required frequency's listed in column 2, I will need to complete the DCFS tutorial by 1/30/2025, Faith's Law by 8/20/23, and ADHD by 7/19/2025.



    Course - IF A NEW HIRE, MUST COMPLETE ALL WITHIN 3 MONTHS Frequency Date Last Completed
    DCFS Mandated Reporter IL every 3 years 1/30/2022
    Faith's law annually             8/20/2023
    ADHD every 2 years 7/19/2023