• During the La Grange area boom period in 1928, a four-room school was built “in the prairie” at Seventh Avenue and 49th Street. The area continued to develop, especially following the addition of industrial plants to the community in 1935 and the population increased by leaps and bounds. Between 1940 and 1950, enrollment increased from 279 to 728. In 1945, plans were made for the addition of eight rooms, a kindergarten and an auditorium-gymnasium to the Seventh Avenue school. The building update was completed in September 1947. Seventh Avenue School was later completely renovated during the years 1974-75. These bronze plaques are found in the entryway of the school, and commemorate the history of these different phases of development.

    Today, Seventh Avenue school is home to approximately 250 students. The school continues to be designated as "Commendable" according to the Illinois Report Card. The school will celebrate 100 years during this decade, in 2028.

    Seventh Avenue Board of Directors Sign  Seventh Avenue School Erected Sign