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    Mrs. Erin Hall
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    Mid May Principal Message


    Happy Friday, Supportive Seventh Avenue Families.
    I love that we are starting our school day with the sun shining and a blue sky! When Mrs. McHugh was getting ready to send you the Wednesday Electronic folder I wasn’t ready with all my updates, so I apologize for another e-blast this week. I want to start by giving a SHOUT OUT to our talented intermediate students who performed in the D105 Musical, Shrek Jr. The following sixth graders SHINED: Marissa, Sophia, Sophie, Alyse, Emilija, and Malia! It was also great to see so many Seventh Avenue families and students come support and enjoy the musical.
    Last year we shut down our building for two hours and went to the LaGrange Theatre to watch a movie as a school family. Our students’ behavior was impressive last year, so we are looking forward to doing this all-school field trip once again on Friday, May 19th. We have not told our students and we are looking forward to telling them on Monday.  Please help me keep this a secret until we announce this special event. The staff have agreed that the movie will be……….Sing. Although most of our students probably already saw this movie, Sing has a wonderful message that supports our N.E in S.H.I.N.E. N stands for Never Give UP and E stands for Exceed Expectations. Sing is a movie that demonstrates many characters overcoming a personal challenge to be part of a very special talent show. This movie is rated PG. So, if you feel that this is not a good fit for your child please contact me and we will provide your child a second option. Attached is a field trip permission slip for your child. We will be sending home a hard copy, too. All School Field Trip 2017.docx 
    This year we are unveiling a 10 Day Blast off Until Summer to help make our last two weeks of school special for everyone. Again, this is a secret and will be shared with the students on the 19th.  Next week we will send home a hard copy, but if you would like to take a peek check out the link below.
    Starting the last week of May our K-5 teachers spend time creating class lists. In a link below you will see the form you can fill out if you would like to share more information with me about your child as a learner as staff begin to draft Placement letter.doc  class lists. Your voice is important to us, too!
    Important Upcoming Seventh Avenue Dates:
    • May 19th  - All school field trip (shhhh)
    • May 25th – 10 day count down begins Summer Blastoff 2016-17.pdf 
    • June 2nd – PTO sponsored Field Day, Family Picnic, and Awards Ceremony. As a reminder the Awards Ceremony includes the 6th Grade Graduation.
    • May 21st  - D105 Dash 5K Run & Walk
    • June 6th 7:00 PM - Gurrie Graduation
    • June 8th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (full day)
    Students have taken or are wrapping up their spring MAP tests. Our students have been stopping by my office to celebrate their growth this school year! As always I will share our building wide data in a June email. This email will also include some staffing updates for the 2017-18 school year.
    Happy Mother's Day to my favorite moms!

    Principal Message: 3/2/17

    Good Afternoon, Seventh Avenue Community.
    WOW, how did we get to March so quickly!?! This Friday, D105 Principals are hosting a Sock Hop for 5th and 6th graders at Spring Avenue. As a Principal team we have decided on the policy below for cell phone usage at this District 105 event:
    Cell phones and other electronic device usage will not be permitted during the Sock Hop.  This includes the gym, hallways, and bathrooms.  If your child needs to carry his or her phone, we ask that it be turned off and kept in a pocket.  Students using cell phones or other devices without permission may be asked to leave the event.  The phone will be confiscated and parents contacted to retrieve the phone and child.  Students may receive permission to use a phone after the dance or in the event of an emergency, but in most cases this will not be necessary as the event will end promptly at 9:00 PM.
    Today at 11:00 we had an all school S.H.I.N.E assembly. We unveiled the I in S.H.I.N.E, which stands for Ignite Compassion. The staff and I are defining compassion as the desire to help and care for others in need. We are stressing that it is a feeling AND an act. I will be sending home more information about the Seventh Avenue Compassion Campaign next week. In the meantime here are some wonderful articles to use at home to help us teach our children about compassion.


    Principal Message: 1/23/17

    Good Morning, Seventh Avenue Parents.

    Last week our Student Ambassaleaders rolled out their Peaceful Problem Solvers plan for Seventh Avenue School. These student leaders have been working hard this year, using data from the D105 Student Survey to guide their work. Using their Peaceful Problem Solvers plan, the Ambassaleaders created skits and acted out the E (Exhale), A (Apologize), and L (Let It Go) during our Morning Assembly. Every classroom was given a poster of this plan as a visual reminder too. I am so proud of our Student Ambassaleaders and look forward to watching them model how to correctly use the other peaceful strategies (G, second E, and S). Below is a snapshot of the poster they designed for our school. The Seventh Avenue Ambassaleaders are: Moses Kimble, Sophie Zielinski, Thomas Tobolaski, Malia Fink, Lindsey Rickman, Yanira Flores, Katarina Neskovic, Olivia Hill, John Barrette, Miranda Sonne, Jackson Henning, Abby Traverso, Noemi Arredondo, Leo Barrette, Delaney Judkins, Amy Abarca, Jonathan Almaraz, Sofia Bravo, Filip Soldat, Rebekah Brassfield, Natalie Makovetskiy
    4th grader, Noemi Arredondo, has been meeting with me over the past couple of weeks to develop a plan to help others in the community. She has decided to host a Souper Bowl Drive to stock the shelves at a local food pantry. We will be providing you more information in this week's Wednesday folder. I am looking forward to the month of February where we will be unveiling the I in our 2017-18 theme of S.H.I.N.E. Due to the amount of students who are always asking about holding a fundraiser or wanting to do a good deed in the community, we are currently developing plans to Ignite Compassion using student ideas!

    I love working in a building where students make our school and community a better place!

    Principal Message: 9/8/16
     Dear Parents,
    Last Friday we unveiled our school theme to the students, SHINE. The Responsive Classroom (RC) Teacher Leadership team picked this theme after reading the book Shine by M.H. Clark. We felt a strong connection to the compilation of quotes the author chose to highlight in the book. This author shares in the introduction that, “There's something about you that people notice right away. It's a light that beams outward and brightens everything it touches. It's a glow that makes everything more vibrant. This light is always there. And it turns on anytime you're feeling confident or full of possibility. It's the light of a person who's doing good in the world, by being fully, richly, and beautifully alive. Show this light, it's the best that is in you and your gift to give the world. Feel bold and bright in all you have to offer. And always remember to shine.” The RC team also took our theme and turned SHINE into our very own acronym that we will embed into our school year through all-school social emotional lessons.
    S= Show your 3 Bs
    H=Have courage
    I=Ignite compassion
    N=Never give up
    E=Exceed your expectations
    Our 2016-17 theme of SHINE continues to support the philosophies of Responsive Classroom (RC). This is an approach to teaching and learning that fosters safe, challenging and joyful elementary classrooms and schools. Our teachers will be using this approach which “consists of teaching practices for bringing together social and academic learning throughout the school day.”  This means that staff will pay special attention to getting to know all of our students individually, culturally and developmentally. Additionally, teachers will create a learning environment that fosters a positive social context while developing social skills. As a result, we hope that students will become responsible community members and will balance their individual needs with those of the community.
    Once again we are excited to be adding a family component to this whole process! We are inviting you to participate by developing Hopes and Dreams as a family unit. We sent home a template for your family’s Hopes and Dreams in the shape of a sun on 9/2. When students create Hopes and Dreams at school, they reflect around their academic, social/emotional, and long term goals.  Take some time at home to discuss your family goals. These don’t have to be school related; you can choose to think about personal goals too, short or long term.  Our families’ Hopes & Dreams will be posted around Seventh Avenue for our school community to read and enjoy. You only need to complete one per family. Please have them back to your child’s teacher by Monday, September 12th.
    Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to a strong partnership this year. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Erin Hall
    Dream big, dare greatly, and shine brightly. – Robin Sieger

    Principal Message - Avoid The Summer Slide

    Mid July

    Good Afternoon Amazing Seventh Avenue Community!
    Today's "avoid the summer slide tips" comes from one of our 5th grade teachers, Mrs. Berkley. She reminds us that it is just as important to avoid the summer slide in math too! Below is an article from Greatschools.org (one of my go to websites) & Mrs. Berkley's tips, enjoy! 

    Between pool time, T-ball, and tag, I’ve managed to work reading, word games, and story time into my kids' summer game plan. But every one of the academic activities I’ve snuck in has been reading-related. My kids and I rarely, OK never, play math games during long car rides or puzzle over tough math problems while lounging on the beach. My math-anemic family, it seems, is not alone. Researchers say on average kids lose 1.8 months of math skills during summer break.

    The loss of math knowledge affects every kind of kid. “Whether you are a low-income child or a high-income child, you lose math knowledge or skills at the same rate over the summer,” says Catherine Augustine, senior policy researcher for the RAND Corporation, which released a 2011 report on the summer learning slide. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why kids' math slide is so steep: reading is more naturally woven into a child’s daily life; math, no so much. “Even though we as adults use mathematics every day of our lives, I’m not sure kids do,” says Linda Gojak, president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Tasks like balancing the checkbook or price comparing while shopping are hardly part of a child's day-to-day life when school is out. A kid's math deficit during vacation is made worse because keeping math skills sharp takes more rigor and focus than simply picking up a book to pass a lazy summer day. Math, points out Augustine, requires a student to follow carefully a specific set of steps. Without a tutor, teacher, or parent reminding a student to do each step, most students have a tough time tackling math problems on their own (from Greatschools.org)

    Hi Seventh Avenue Families!
    I hope you had a fabulously fun 4th of July weekend! With all the fun and sun in the summer, sometimes we forget about how easily Math skills can be incorporated into our everyday activities. In 5th grade, we really hit adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals pretty hard. Here are some ways you can naturally integrate some of these skills into all your summer fun (and even get your younger brother, sister, cousin, or friend involved!):
    1. Endless pool days? Find the total cost of items purchased from the snack shop at the pool, beach, or movie theater by adding up all the decimal prices (Challenge: Multiply items of multiple quantities before adding to the rest of the tab. For examples, if you buy 2 hot dogs, multiply the cost of one hot dog by 2 before adding to the other items) Check to see if your answer is reasonable by rounding all decimal numbers to the nearest whole number and add.
    2. Road trip anyone? Every time you stop for gas, calculate the miles per gallon. Divide the miles traveled (to the tenths place) by the amount of gallons it took to refill the tank. The result will be your car's average miles per gallon yield for that driving period.
    3. Grocery shopping for goodies? Summer offers so many delicious, in-season fruit and veggie varieties. At the grocery, determine the total cost of fruit by multiplying the total weight (to the nearest whole pound) of the fruit by the cost per pound. Check to see if your answer is reasonable by rounding all decimal costs to the nearest whole number and then multiplying by the total pounds.
    4. Swimming at the pool? Time yourself swimming across the pool and record to the hundredths of seconds. Repeat 5 times. Find your average time by adding up all 5 times, then divide the total sum of the times by 5.
    There are so many engaging ways to keep Math in the forefront of your summer day fun. Encourage your child to brainstorm other ways they can practice their Math skills in order to achieve their summer academic goals.

    Cheers everyone,
    Mrs. Berkley

    Principal Message - Avoid The Summer Slide
    End of June

    Good Morning Seventh Avenue,

    I can't believe we are heading into July! June has been such a wonderful month, I hope you are enjoying it too! Miss Adducci is our guest teacher (message below) and she has provided a great way to avoid the summer slide with friends. Knowing our students and how they love to plan and create events here at Seventh Avenue,  I bet they would enjoy creating backyard book clubs together. This is a great way to get our intermediate students' re connected to literature, non fiction, graphic novels, or other chapter books. I can envision students wanting to read or re read the BFG and then head to the movie with their book club!

    **Don't forget to save your gently used books for the Seventh Avenue Big Swap. We will continue to host those each month during the 2016-17 school year.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Hi Seventh Avenue!
    I hope you are enjoying your summer break! I also hope you are dedicating time to your summer goals. My summer goal was to read 8 novels. My reading idea to share is to start a book club with your friends this summer! My mom recommended a book to me and we found out the book is going to be a movie in the fall! We both read the book (I read it in 24 hours! I was hooked!) and then we met for fro-yo to talk about the book. It was so fun! Here are some steps to starting your own summer book club:

    1. Gather old friends and invite new friends to join your book club.
    2. Talk about some of your favorite books and decide on a book you all want to read. (Check out the ideas Miss Pape shared for finding a book too!)
    3. Make a plan. When will you meet and what pages will you have read?
    4. READ :) (This summer I fell in love with reading outside on my patio! Find a new spot!) Can you use Google Docs to check-in with your club members? No spoilers!
    5. Plan your last book club meeting! Click on the link for some questions to discuss Discussion Ideas . Create your own questions. Can you plan a snack, craft, or game related to your book?
    6. Meet with your book club and have fun!
    7. Celebrate with your book club when you meet your goal and finish the book.
    8. Start again at 1!

    I hope you have fun! I would love to hear about your book club when I see you again in August!
    Ms. Adducci

    Principal Message - Avoid The Summer Slide

    Good Afternoon Seventh Avenue,

    This week I kicked off a math and reading schedule in my house. The Hall children each picked out a book and have begun reading it. Dryden picked Lincoln's Grave Robbers, Dylan has borrowed my copy of The War That Saved My Life, and Molly is re reading Magic Treehouse book #1.  I signed up for a free trial of IXL and dusted off some multiplication and subtraction flash cards. One website Dylan really likes is called Front Row.  As he solves math problems correctly he earns points for a silly pet he has created on the site. He can update his pet with the points he has earned. 

    I love seeing you on Tuesdays during our Open Library times. Don't forget that students can also use the computers and school approved sites during this time.
    This week both Miss Brand and Miss Orosz have tips for you to avoid the summer slide (see below).
    Have a great day,
    Erin Hall
    Hi Seventh Avenue Community,
    I hope this email finds you enjoying the dog days of summer!  Summer is the perfect time to recharge, reconnect, and re-ignite your love for reading!  Attached is a summer reading BINGO sheet to encourage reading in a fun way. Summer Bingo Sheet 
    Did you know how crucial summer reading is for kids?  If your child reads for 20 minutes every day, he/she will read 1,820 minutes this summer!!!  Every minute counts, Seventh Avenue!

    Miss Orosz
    Summer Fun for your body and brain!
    Creating addition and subtraction number sentences is an important second grade skill. During the super-hot days of summer head outside with some bubbles.  Have a parent, sibling or friend blow some bubbles, count what you see, then blow more or pop a few and make an addition or subtraction number sentence to represent the change in the total number of bubbles. 
    Free-time means the chance to earn some extra cash! Set up a lemonade or popsicle stand!  Practice counting coins and making change as your customers come by for a refreshing treat. 
    Summer means longer days!  Keep track of when the sun rises and sets for a week or longer.  Figure out how many hours the sun is out and how many hours of darkness there are for each day.  Create a bar graph to show the change in daylight and nighttime.

    Happy Summer,
    Miss Brand

    Principal Message - Mid June Check In

    Good Morning Seventh Avenue Community,

    Throughout the summer I will be sending emails from staff who have developed reminders and fun tips for your child to stay connected to learning, especially reading and math. Seventh Avenue Staff want to ensure our students play hard and enjoy every minute of their summer break, however we also need your support in avoiding the "summer slide". The first guest teacher email is from Miss Pape, enjoy!


    Happy Summer, 7th Avenue!

    I hope that everyone has enjoyed their first few weeks of summer!  Our first day of Open Library is this week, June 14th.  Don't forget that the 7th Avenue library will be open every Tuesday from 1-4pm until August 4th.  If that time doesn't work with your schedule, check out the Open Library schedule below to see when the other District 105 libraries are open!

    Parents, set aside some time to talk with your student about their summer goals.  Goal setting is so important, but attaining them is only possible if we are constantly revisiting them!

    Remember that making reading and math work over the summer can be fun... check out the calendars in your student's Summer Connect folder for ideas!  On June 8th, I followed the Primary Literacy Calendar and asked a friend for a book recommendation.  She suggested I try out Kate DiCamillo's newest book, Raymie Nightingale.  A few weeks ago, I got the book signed by Ms. DiCamillo at the Chicago Book Convention, but I hadn't had time to read it yet.  I'm only at the beginning, but I like it so far!  If your student is having trouble finding a good book to read, suggest that they also ask a friend or go to http://imaginationsoup.net/2015/05/03/summer-reading-list-for-kids/ to find summer reading lists by grade level!

    This website, http://www.readingrockets.org/, is also a great resource for summer reading activities.  If your student loved the last book they read, type the title or author into http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/ and see what else they might enjoy! Tell me what book you are reading by sending me an email at epape@d105.net


    Stay tuned for more reading ideas and updates throughout the summer!

    Miss Pape

    District 105 Open Library Schedule (June 13-August 4)


    Spring Avenue 1-4pm

    Hodgkins 4-7pm



    Ideal 1-4pm

    Seventh Avenue 1-4pm



    Gurrie 12:15-3:15pm

    Spring 1-4pm



    Ideal 1-4pm

    Principal Messsage - 3/9/16

    Dear Seventh Avenue Parents,
    Each year students in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade are required to take an Illinois standards based achievement test. This will be our second year taking the PARCC test. PARCC stands for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. It is a consortium of states and the District of Columbia that are working to create and deploy a standard set of K–12 assessments in mathematics and English. This test is intended to measure student learning against these Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders take PARCC tests in reading and math. The data from standardized tests including MAP and PARCC, classroom observations, developmental continuums, and individual pre and post unit assessments are used to help reflect around the needs and strengths of Seventh Avenue students.  All of these pieces of data are used every year to determine student learning over time and help inform our instructional focus throughout the year.
    To ensure our students will “Hit it Out of the PARCC” our teachers focus on high quality instruction throughout the year. Seventh Avenue teachers meet weekly to talk about their students, created flexible reading and math groups, and discuss ways to enrich all of our students through core instruction. For the past two years we have increased our student math discourse and problem solving through Number Talks or Math Numeracy Development and continue to ensure our students are writing during their reading and math blocks. This focus is what continues to make our students well prepared to show growth on any standardized test!  
    To make sure the students feel our support, we have surprises planned for them. These surprises make the PARCC test fun, yes I actually said fun! It has even become a rite of passage for our primary students. This year I had a third grade student ask me, “When will we get to take that test and have the younger students send us testing surprises?”.
    Some of the PARCC surprises in the past have included:

    • Our theme for our testing week: Hitting it Out of the PARCC.
    • The primary students help with a PARCC kick off assembly.  
    • Each primary class adopts a grade taking the test. These buddy classes do special things to encourage their buddy testing class, including providing testing treats.
    • PARCC spirit days are planned for our whole community.

    As the April testing window approaches, I will reach out to you with testing window details and ways to support your child at home.
    Erin Hall


    Dear Parents,
    Last summer the Seventh Avenue Building Leadership Team (BLT) met to review our data. Part of that summer work was reflecting on this data to set our building wide goals and priorities for the year.  After looking through parent surveys (5Essentials & D105 Parent Survey) and parent feedback from the CEC visit during the 2014-15 school year, the BLT developed the K-6th Student Communication Binders. You asked for more specific communication about what your child was learning and how they were progressing. So, this has become a priority for Seventh Avenue staff.

    Because the Student Communication Binder is a new tool, teachers and I met last Wednesday to reflect around the successes and challenges. The 4th – 6th graders provided us feedback through a recent binder survey that was shared during this staff meeting too. The wonderful news is that the commitment is still strong on our end to provide you thorough communication around your child’s progress within a unit through specific assessments, their goals, and weekly/monthly reflections. I want to urge all of you to spend time with your child when the Student Communication Binder comes home. Both the teachers and the students put a lot of effort into compiling this information for their binder each month. Carve out some time with your child and have them walk you through the binder while you honor their work and celebrate their progress. As a reminder, there is also a place for you to write a positive message to your child. They are always excited when you write a note on the Parent Communication Page. We will be reaching out to you in the spring for your feedback as we plan for next year.

    Below are some sample questions and/or conversation starters  you can use to guide your conversations when the Student Communication Binder comes home:

    1. Show me one thing you are really proud of in your binder, and tell me why you are so proud of it.
    2. Tell me about a goal you have met so far in this unit OR tell me about a goal you are close to meeting in this unit? What did you do to ensure you met your goal OR what have you done to ensure you are making progress towards your goal?
    3. What is one thing you are working on that you still find challenging in this unit? What can we do at home to help you feel more successful in this area?
    4. What are your Hopes & Dreams and what can we do at home to help you achieve them? Think about setting Family Hopes & Dreams too.
    5. Share one new thing you have learned in this unit?
    6. What has been the best part of your week (or month)?

    Many of the K-6th grade teachers will be using the Student Communication Binder as a tool to guide your parent conference on February 2nd or 4th. Thank you for taking some time to revisit your role in the success of the Student Communication Binders.






  • Hall, Erin

    Email: ehall@d105.net