• Speakup Line


    At Seventh Avenue School the staff is committed to focusing on building positive relationships that enhance our school culture and provide a safe environment for students and staff. Each day we embed Seventh Avenue’s expectations of “Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Here & Ready.” We focus on the helping students make positive choices through our daily all-school Morning Assembly, Responsive Classroom (RC) Morning Meetings, and monthly social emotional all-school lessons. In conjunction with these efforts to support students, we have a Speak Up Line for those times when for whatever reason, a student may feel going to an adult is not an option, but they still feel compelled to say something or bring the situation to light. This additional support for students will continue to provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment here at Seventh Avenue. The Speak Up Line is an opportunity for students to report unsafe or disrespectful behavior in an anonymous manner.

    Students can call 708-784-1594 or email their concerns at SEVENTHSPEAKUPLINE@D105.NET. Students do not need to leave their name.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact myself or Charlotte Arcus, School Social Worker.


    Erin Hall