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    Gurrie Middle School: Empowering students to make a difference in our world by assisting them to be self-directed, passionate, life-long learners. 

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    Gurrie Middle School is located in LaGrange, Illinois. We serve students in seventh and eighth grade from the communities of Hodgkins, Countryside, and LaGrange. Currently, we have 310 students enrolled in our school. Our academic offerings include studies in mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, and reading. We have adopted a block schedule with our English/Language Arts and Math classes meeting daily for seventy-five minutes and all other courses every other day for the same time frame. We have adopted the block schedule to maximize instructional opportunities and student outcomes. We offer students a two-year world language program, with students choosing either Spanish or French. Our exploratory program includes offerings in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Health. Within our block schedule, we also offer a flex period every other day that provides time for additional student support, classroom extensions, enrichment, and student-centered curriculum. 

    Students at Gurrie are also involved in an advisory program. Advising and counseling middle-school-age children is an important task for middle school. Young adolescents experience many changes. They need and want to have significant adults outside the family to provide them with a sense of consistency and security. At Gurrie, we have an advisory program that allows all students in our school to meet regularly with a cohesive group led by two teachers who serve as advisors to the group. Advisory allows students an opportunity to form close, positive relationships with staff and other students while building trust and cooperation.

    Gurrie also offers a variety of extra-curricular programs for our students. We have an intramural program and also offer a wide array of sports. Boys and girl’s basketball, volleyball, and softball are offered during different times of the year for both seventh and eighth grade. No-cut sports such as cross country, wrestling, and soccer are also available. Our fine arts department features a concert band, orchestra, jazz band, and choir while also producing and presenting a musical each year. Students have the ability to be involved in our Gurrie Activity Council, plus many teacher-sponsored activities including Every Monday Matters (EMM), Early Act, The GO (Gurrie Outdoors) Club, Unity Club, Speech Team, STEM Club, Stage Crew, Green Team, RPG (Role Playing Game Club), Yearbook, Girls Who Code, Math Team, Battle of the Books, and Art Club. Click HERE for the Gurrie Extracurricular Packet. 

    Our staff at Gurrie is dedicated to providing a quality education for all of our students in a positive, supportive environment. Our Gurrie Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) helps bring parents, staff, students, and the community together. We feel a great sense of pride in being part of the Gurrie community. If you have any questions about our programs or school, please feel free to contact Ms. Mendoza or Mr. Hood at anytime.

    Ed Hood - Principal          Lorena Mendoza Co-Principal
    Gurrie Middle School
    'Be Respectful, Be Ready, Be Safe'