•        Connections Community Center Winning Logo (Cassidy-3rd Grade)

     Connections Community Learning Center is a welcoming environment for all District 105 students and families to talk, learn, and play.

    Connections Community Learning Center will be housed at Ideal School and programming will start on October 2nd.  The center will be open from 4:00-6:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   There will be tutorial and technology support for all students and their families.  Students in grades PK-3 will attend with parents/older family members so that young families learn together.  Students in grades 4-8 will be able to attend on their own, provided that they turn in a permission slip signed by their parent/guardian. We are including recreation time by providing open gym time for students who study at the center.  We are also arranging for successful students at the middle and high schools to mentor and work with younger students.  There will be parent education programming which will start with the continuation of our language and technology classes.   The community learning center will be entirely funded with private donations and grant funds.  No local dollars will be used.

    There is no long-term commitment to come to the center on a regular basis.  Additionally, families who attend do not need to be there the entire time between 4-6 pm.  Instead, we want this center to be utilized and visited on a drop-in basis, but we hope that families feel free to attend as much as possible.  The center is free for District 105 families and we hope that it will become a center of social and academic interaction for our district.   In the future as this center grows, we plan to include additional programming, such as mentoring from local high school and college students, as well STEM-related programs.


    Here is the permission slip to attend Connections:

    Connections Permission Slip- English

    Connections Permission Slip- Spanish


    Here is a form to register for Parent Spanish Language Classes:

    Spanish Language Classes for English Speaking Adults

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