D105 Device Guidelines

  • Damage, Loss, or Theft

    • The student or parent/guardian is required to file a police report within 48 hours on their own if the device is lost or damaged as result of a larceny or any other type of criminal conduct.  They are then required to bring a copy of that report to the school office.  

    • If no police report is filed with the school, the parent/guardian will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the device.

    • If the device is damaged or destroyed during the time it is issued to the student because the student committed or intentionally facilitated a deliberate act of damage or vandalism, the student and the student’s parent/guardian will be responsible for the actual cost of repair or replacement, whichever is less. Prices for parts or replacement range from $7 to $230 depending on the current market value at the time of the damage. 

    • If the device is simply lost, left unattended in a classroom or misplaced, the student or parent/guardian is responsible for reporting the loss to the Library Learning Center (LLC). In this case, the student or parent/guardian is responsible for fair market value of the device. 

    • Failure to report stolen property will result in compensation for the fair market value of the device.

    • Repeated damage/neglect of the device and or failing to pay fees for repair due to damage/neglect will result in the student becoming a day-only user for at least the remainder of the school year.



    La Grange School District 105 reserves the right to repossess the device at any time if the student does not fully comply with all terms of this agreement. 



    Failure to return the property (device, charger, and case) in a timely manner and/or the continued use of it for non-school purposes will be referred to school administration. In extreme cases, failure to return property may be referred to law enforcement. 


    Modification to the Program 

    La Grange School District 105 reserves the right to modify the program or its terms at any time. Please see the website for additional information.


    General Care of the Device 

    • Never attempt repair or reconfiguration of the device. Under no circumstances are you to attempt to open or tamper with the internal components of the device.

    • Student devices in need of repair must be reported to the LLC and complete the necessary paperwork.

    • The staff will determine whether the device is in functioning condition or if a loaner (if available) should be issued. Classroom computers and loaner devices are also covered by all rules and regulations as outlined in this document. 


    Cleaning Your Device 

    The device will be in the student’s possession all year long, so students are encouraged to perform simple cleaning procedures as outlined below: 

    • Always disconnect the device from the power outlet before cleaning.

    • Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static or micro-fiber cloth. Do not use any type of liquid or water to clean the screen or device. 

    • Wash hands frequently when using the device to avoid build-up on the touchscreen (iPad) or touchpad (Chromebook). Grease and dirt can cause the cursor to “jump around” on the screen. 



    • For prolonged periods of inactivity, you should shut the device down completely before closing the lid. Be sure the device screen is completely black before closing the device lid.

    • Dimming the LCD brightness of your screen and turning Bluetooth off will extend the battery run time. 

    • Do not write, draw, paint, place stickers/labels, or otherwise deface your device or device bag. Remember, the devices and bags are property of School District 105. 

    • Take extreme caution with the screen. The screens are very susceptible to damage from excessive pressure or weight. NEVER PICK UP A CHROMEBOOK BY THE SCREEN or place your finger directly on the screen with any force. Always close the lid before moving your device. Do not pile items on top of your device. 

    • Be sure not to have any objects (such as pens or pencils) on the keyboard before closing.

    • Be aware that overloading the device case will damage the device. Textbooks, notebooks, binders, etc. are not allowed in the school issued bags. 

    • Do not store or carry your device in any other case except the district issued case. Cases should not be carried in backpacks.

    • Liquids, food, and other debris can damage the device. Avoid eating or drinking while using the device. DO NOT keep food in your device case.

    • Take care when inserting cords, cables, headphones and other removable storage devices to avoid damage to the device ports. 

    • Do not expose your device to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or ultraviolet light for extended periods of time. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage to the device. If your device has been in a very cold environment for a long period of time, let it warm up before using it. 

    • Never leave your device in a car. 


    General Security 

    • Never leave your device unsecured other than in designated areas such as a charging station. 

    • Devices should be locked in a designated storage facility or a secure locker. 

    • During after-school activities, you are still expected to maintain the security of your Device. 

    • Unsupervised devices will be confiscated by staff, and disciplinary actions may be taken. 

    • Each device has several identifying labels. (i.e. District 105 asset number and serial number). Under no circumstances are you to modify, remove, or destroy these labels. 


    General Use of the Device 

    • Student ID is to remain in the district issued case ID window. 

    • Grades 6-8: Students are REQUIRED to bring their devices to school each day, with a fully charged battery.  Leave device charging cords at home.

    • Grades 6-8: Students will bring their device home with them each night. 

    • Students will receive disciplinary action when not in compliance with student device expectations.

    • Students Google Apps for Education accounts are for storing educational files. This space should be used for backing up and storing files as directed by the teacher. 

    • Avoid using your device in areas which may lead to damage or theft. Do not use your device around sporting activities or events. When using the power cord, do not leave the cord in areas that may cause a tripping hazard. 

    • Recording Audio/Video on school property is not permitted unless it is related to a school assignment. 

    • Keep personal information about yourself or others off the device. Keep all passwords to yourself.

    • You are responsible for your individual accounts. Take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use them. 

    • Do NOT loan your device to anyone. 

    • Notify a teacher immediately if you suspect any potential security problems with your device. 

    • To prevent loss or damage to your device, NEVER leave it unattended or have it out of its district issued case on the bus or in the cafeteria during meals.

    • Keep your device in its district issued case when traveling between classrooms. 


    Internet Access/Filtering 

    As required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, a content filtering solution (blocking and monitoring inappropriate websites) is maintained by the school system for school and home use on the device. The school system cannot guarantee that access to all inappropriate sites will be blocked. It is the responsibility of the user to follow guidelines for appropriate use of the network and the Internet. District 105 will not be responsible for any problems suffered while on the network or the Internet. Use of any information obtained through the Internet is at the user’s own risk. La Grange District 105 will provide filtering on the devices while connecting to the Internet from home. 

    Student Login Procedures

    Each student will be assigned a username and password. The username and password will allow the student to login to the device at school when he/she is connected to the La Grange School District 105 network and at home.  Home Use: Use of the device away from the La Grange School District 105 network will not differ at all from school use. DO NOT share usernames and passwords. Students are responsible for any activity on their device or login. 


    Parent Expectations 

    In order for students to experience all the success and benefits that this program can offer,

    La Grange District 105 expects parents to: 

    • Share in their child’s excitement about this great opportunity for learning. 

    • Learn along with their child as they use this instructional tool to prepare for his/her future. 

    • Monitor their child’s appropriate Internet use and adherence to Internet guidelines when using his/her device. 

    • Parents should ensure that their child adheres to Internet guidelines established at home and at school. The District 105 content filter is in place at all times to prevent inappropriate material. 

    • Help fill out required paperwork in the event that the device requires repair or is lost or stolen and report it no later than the next school day. 

    • Ensure that only the student will use this computer for school-related purposes.