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    LaGrange District 105 is proud to serve the district’s preschool age students at Hodgkins Elementary. There are three sections, two morning sessions and one afternoon session, of Early Childhood Education (ECE) and three sections, one morning and two afternoon sessions, of Preschool For All (PFA). 

    ECE is specifically designed to meet the needs of children between the ages of 3-5 having delays of two or more years in two or more areas of development: speech/language, fine motor, gross motor, academic readiness and social emotional needs. The ECE classroom has no more than 10 students and is taught by a qualified special education early childhood teacher. Speech, occupational and physical therapy are integrated into this program.

    The Preschool For All program is funded by the state to ensure preschool children with risk factors have the opportunity to attend school before they reach kindergarten. Some of the risk factors include:
     Single parent
     Low economic status
     Family member with special needs
     6 month delay in speech and language
     Needs in the area of fine/gross motor, academic readiness and social/emotional

    The program is taught by certified early childhood teachers and can enroll up to 20 students in a classroom. Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy are provided as needed.


    Families are encouraged to complete our online questionnaire and sign up for preschool screening with Maria Almaguer, Preschool Family Liason/Clerical Aide at Hodgkins Elementary (708) 482-2740.

    For additional questions, please contact Kimberly Luther, Student Services and Preschool Coordinator, at (708) 482-2700 ext. 1420. 

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